Bicycle Parking

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Bicycle Parking

What is bicycle parking?

Bicycle parking is a special place or space designed to park bicycles and is actually a kind of urban furniture. Bicycle parking lots are usually built for the safety of bicycles and to prevent disorder in the arrangement of bicycles in public places.

These parking lots are usually located in different parts of cities or near public places such as bus stations, train stations, shopping malls, universities, parks and other high-traffic areas.

Bicycle parking is very important to increase the use of bicycle transportation and reduce traffic and air pollution in cities. The design of bicycle parking usually includes the provision of secure locks to store bicycles, sufficient space to park a large number of bicycles, and adequate signage to avoid interference with sidewalks and other traffic points.

Many cities are trying to build infrastructure for bike parking, and often these parking spaces are free or charge a small fee. Also, in some cities, bicycle sharing systems are used, where bicycles can be picked up from special parking lots and returned to another parking lot after use.

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