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About Us

The company selling urban furniture and interior decoration brings to mind, with the help of God Almighty, with the slogan of supporting national production, with the aim of aesthetics and resistance, and using modernizing techniques and observing all standards and proportions with anatomical and urban open space, with all attention and precision. It has concentrated itself in the field of urban furniture design and production and has taken an effective step.

He also points out that the main goal of the activity of this collection is to create a healthy environment with new and diverse ideas in urban areas for the use of dear citizens and also to create a suitable center to fill the leisure time of families and youths and other sections of the society. It has been very dynamic and active in the design and implementation of urban furniture.

It still has a lot of opportunity to expand and develop in this direction. Meanwhile, we believe that it has always paid attention to the customer’s needs and solved the challenges of the managers in creating quality and new samples and started mass production.

Our professional team

Also, this company has a wide range of activities related to the design and implementation of interior decoration in a specialized manner and declares that it has the possibility to cooperate with all government and private organizations in this field.

The Engineers Group of Ideh Mojriyan Rastak Company is a producer and implementer of urban furniture suitable for outdoor spaces and in harmony with environments with Iranian culture, as well as leading towards modern and world-leading design and engineering by Iranian artists and technicians.

We carefully choose the material and pay attention to the details of the samples, we carry out the production and all the products of this company are made according to the production standards.

In addition to general production, we also organize the field of activity of this sector from the design and production of products for the private sector to improve the quality of business.

It is hoped that with the colorful role of the supporters of Iran Zamim, we will continue to be strong and stable in the field of national production and have impressive domestic and international successes.

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