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Today, security is considered the most important principle everywhere in the world, and everyone is trying to provide security for their place of residence. One of the things that is used to create security is the pillar barricade or bollard.

It’s no secret that pillar barricades and bollards play a significant role in securing certain environments and carry a serious duty in preventing cars from entering the roads.

Roadblocks are mostly used in military places, industrial centers, refineries, town entrances, parking lots, airports, tolls, etc.

The bollard or column barricade is not easily broken and is resistant to traffic. In fact, when security issues are important to us, we should use a column barricade, and otherwise, a bar barricade is also suitable for that place.

There are different types of barriers that can be divided into three main groups: automatic bar barriers, column barriers and plate barriers.

There are different types of roadblocks, which can be divided into three main groups: automatic bar roadblocks, bollard roadblocks, and road blockers.

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