Park Watering Hole

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Park Watering Hole

Among the many urban furniture equipment, this time it is time to introduce the drinking fountain. Drinking water has existed among different population groups since the distant past until today. The oldest cities were formed next to water sources, and nomadic people have always settled near springs and rivers. This evidence shows the importance of water for humans. Today, despite the change in people’s lifestyles and the availability of water in homes and stores, there will still be a need for drinking water in different parts of the city.

Drinking fountains are designed to increase the welfare level of citizens and should be installed in appropriate places in the city. A drinking fountain is actually a stone, metal or concrete piece that provides purified water to passers-by. These equipments, which were known by other names in the past, are now called drinking fountains.

Imagine you are walking on one of the special urban walking paths on a sunny day. It is natural that a long walk makes you tired and thirsty. Now, if there is a city drinking water system on this route, you will not need to travel more distance to buy a bottle of water. Like urban benches, street lights and trash cans, the existence of drinking fountains is also necessary and vital in different urban areas. Drinking water provides one of the most important basic human needs. Therefore, it is necessary to install it in different areas of the city.

People who are walking or cycling in different urban areas every day need these water sources to quench their thirst. Therefore, in order to meet this need, the authorities have installed urban drinking fountains in these areas by identifying suitable places. In fact, every city should be equipped with a sufficient number of drinking fountains.

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