Urban optical elements

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Urban optical elements

German urban furniture has become very popular all over the world due to its modern design, high quality and the use of lighting technologies, including optical elements.

This type of furniture includes a variety of light elements that are used in urban spaces such as parks, squares, streets and public areas. These light elements usually include light columns, light stands, LED displays, projectors and other lighting devices.

The purpose of using light elements in urban furniture is to increase the safety and security of citizens in public spaces, to increase the beauty and attractiveness of urban spaces, and to increase the quality of life of citizens. For example, light elements can be used as guidance in the darkness of the night and also as advertising displays in urban spaces.

German urban furniture is highly regarded for municipalities and public spaces due to its beautiful design, resistance to atmospheric factors and other weather conditions, high quality construction and suitable lighting facilities.

Ideh Mojrian Rastak Company is a manufacturer of optical elements products. Outdoor flower box is a clear example of a large urban flower pot, which is used to beautify the city and park.

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