Urban settlement

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Urban settlement

The cigarette holder or ashtray made by the Urban Furniture Company, the idea of Rostak executives, is a very practical, beautiful trash can produced in Iran with high quality. Here, smokers are for public places such as shopping centers, offices, terminals, corridors, factories, passages, the sides of apartments and other public places.

One of the features of this cigarette holder is the presence of a place on top of it to extinguish and throw away the cigarette.

Most of the cigarette holders (cigarette holders) have a scratch-resistant steel body in terms of strength. This advantage causes their strength, durability and long life and the confidence of customers to buy.

The cigarette holder has a very light removable plastic inner bin to make it very easy to move and empty the waste. The part under the cigarette holder of this type of trash can be easily cleaned and moved.

Another factor in the superiority of the unique smokers of Letka company is the idea of their very stylish and modern appearance, which distinguishes it from other smokers in the market.

The cleaning operation of this smoker is very easy due to the ability to separate its different parts. And this feature, especially in places like parks or workplaces where people are present for many hours, creates a healthy and germ-free environment.

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