Haftsin tablecloths and special elements

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Haftsin tablecloths and special elements

A table that Iranians decorate in their homes, workplaces, and squares when the New Year arrives. This tradition has been part of our ancient religion since the ancient past, which has also been transferred to the border countries of Iran. Divan of Amir Bahauddin Barandagh Khojandi in 757-835 AD is the oldest mentioned document of Haft Sin. The first reference in the history of Iranian kings goes back to the time of the Sassanids and then the Qajars. Sultan Ahmad Mirza Azd-Dawla, the son of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, mentioned the custom of Nowruz in the court. It is also mentioned in the travelogue of the French historian, Henri René and Wilson, that he was in the late Qajar.

Types of urban Haft Sin tables:

Haftsin tablecloths usually do not have a special category, but generally there are 3 types of Haftsin tablecloths, which are as follows:

Homemade Haft-Sin tablecloth: Haft-Sin homemade tablecloth is usually spread during Nowruz.

Haft Sin administrative table: (This Haft Sin table is a public table and is usually set up at the entrances of residential complexes, government and private offices, etc. to respect the beginning of the new year. This model of Haft Sin table is one of the a larger household is thrown away)

Haft Sin city table: In celebration of the beginning of the new year in the city, large city squares, important and frequented city passages are set up, and Haft Sin city tables are usually set up in a large area and buying Haft Sin city table It is held every year by municipalities and is of interest to city travelers.

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