Urban element and urban sculpture

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Urban element and urban sculpture

An element or an urban symbol or a physical combination, which in its construction consists of the internal features of volumes and geometric shapes – vertical or curved plates – structural components, cables, putters and frames, and in general everything that can have a decorative and constructional aspect. The form of an integrated whole is used from the above and above all, this combination has a stable and beautiful geometric and balance system in such a way that after showing off in the city, it attracts people and engages their minds. He does that for a long time in that area of the city in a symbolic way to recognize the city in the desired area.

In fact, it is one of the urban characteristics, in such a way that the mind will subconsciously visualize the desired element after the specific characteristics of that region.

This feature is especially important for tourists and those who visit the desired area less often, because it is important in the correct routing and addressing to find a specific urban area, characteristic and special symbol of that area.

This symbol is important in the knowledge of the region, and it may be derived from a specific event or history in the desired location, and it points to a specific point in that location and is associated with history, so one of the purposes of the elements can be to inform. and introducing a special region in terms of historical, geographical, cultural and special characteristics of the people of that region, or referring to a special incident or event in the said region, all of which help establish better communication between the audience and those who travel to the place with the region The target is effective.

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