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Place introduction sign or square sign or park sign is an element of urban furniture. Usually, park signs and square signs are designed and implemented in different ways, and to buy a place introduction sign, you must have information about the types of place introduction signs.

These park signs, introduction of places, squares are as follows:

Tableau of squares and introduction of cast iron place

Iron and metal place and park introduction board

All metal place and park introduction board

Metal and wood place and park introduction board

Stone and metal place and park introduction board

Combination board

In the design of street signs, square signs, place introduction signs and advertising signs, special attention should be paid to the type of use, texture and aesthetics. It is necessary to draw the attention of designers and manufacturers to coordinate and harmonize with other elements of urban furniture in the design of the above boards.

The price of production boards depends on the material and type of raw materials. The cheapest type of park signs and urban signs are all-metal signs, which are a combination of profile or pipe with iron sheet.

Usually, in cheap panels, oven paint is not used and hand paint is used. But one of the most expensive boards is the cast iron board, which is recommended to use ductile iron in cast iron boards, and in addition, electrostatic furnace paint must be used.

The reason for using electrostatic furnace paint is that cast iron particles are highly rustable.

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