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Gazebo is a wooden or metal structure that is placed in the corner of gardens, parks or gardens and is used as a shelter for sitting in the open air. These structures usually have domes and are open around them.

The Persian name of this structure is Tarm, which is mostly written as Tarm in old texts, but today the word alachiq, which is a Turkmen word, is more popular.

In the western part of the 19th century, gazebos were seen in the gardens of wealthy people, and usually flower arrangements were made around them.

Today, prefabricated wooden gazebos can be purchased from garden supply stores and placed in the yard.

What materials are used in the construction of gazebos? First of all, the gazebo needs a structure, which is generally made of metal or wood, since the gazebo is used outdoors, it should be noted that if metal is used, epoxy paint or marine coating paint should be used for covering. And if we use wood, it must be thermo wood. The most important part of the gazebo is its roof, which uses different materials depending on the type of design. For example, if the roof is sloped, it needs iron to cover the sloped roof and if the roof is not sloped – generally in pavilions with a modern design – in the covered sections, you should use flushing, and in the semi-open sections, you can use Thermowood used. The next part is the gazebo wall, sometimes there is no wall and only parts of the structure are located in the wall, and sometimes a green wall covered by plants is used, and wood and glass are also used in the gazebo wall.

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