Urban Garbage Cans

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Urban Garbage Cans

Trash can is one of the most important and most used elements of urban furniture. With this very important element, it is possible to organize the cleanliness of all urban environments and passageways and residential and office buildings.

There are different types of trash cans in terms of functionality, which include:

Steel office trash can

Park trash can

Polyethylene trash can

Galvanized trash can

Household trash can

All metal parking trash can

Wood and metal park trash can

Concrete park trash can

Concrete and wood park trash can

Steel park trash can

Cast iron trash can

Separate trash can

Park and urban trash cans are designed and produced according to the aesthetic features, park design and other urban elements. Trash cans are very diverse, and this feature is used a lot in the design and production of trash cans.

Special points in the design, production and installation of urban waste bins

Usually, galvanized steel is used in municipal trash tanks.

In the design of the trash can, the ease of putting nylon in the tanks must be observed.

There must be a place for emptying the garbage faucet in the garbage bins.

The color of the trash can must be electrostatic furnace type.

Preferably, it is better for designers and manufacturers to use buckets with lids or lids.

To make it easier to empty the trash can, it is better to design the trash cans in the form of a pendulum.

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