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How to have a modern style decoration in the living room and reception area?

The living and reception space is an important space in the house, especially for extroverted people who are used to hosting parties; In this space, family members gather together, guests talk, and it is generally considered as a focal point in the home.

This space can also reduce your daily tension because you want to relax in it or watch TV with your family members during your free time. The living room is like an album of your personality and represents your taste in arranging the space for people and guests; So choosing a style in this space is very important; Because in addition to being practical, the living space for relaxing and spending free time should also reflect your taste.

One of the most popular styles of interior design and decoration in the living room is the modern decoration style; Because in addition to the practicality of the space, it adds beauty to the living space of your home.

If you intend to learn about this style or want to include modern decoration style in your living room and dining room, stay with us in this article.

How to decorate the living room of the house using the principles of modern style?

Free arrangement in interior decoration

Have a unified and free arrangement!

By using an open and principled arrangement in the living space, you are able to create a sense of unity in the space. Try to use environmental elements in the decoration of the house in the living room as well, so that the kitchen, dining and living room look integrated.

This will increase the space in the living room decoration. For a free arrangement, avoid arranging several pieces of furniture; Because with this, you will only close the space of the house.

Vertical arrangement in interior decoration

Get help from vertical layout!

Accuracy in vertical arrangement or the use of vertical lines in interior decoration in the environment will help to magnify and integrate the space; In other words, if you don’t have a high ceiling in your home, it is better to choose furniture with a low height and a short distance from the ground. Or use the same colors on the wall and ceiling to create a unified space by creating a visual error.

Lighting in interior decoration

Bring natural light into the space!

The entry of natural light into the modern living space is one of the main elements of modern style in interior decoration. The flow of fresh air in the living space and the use of large glass window frames or sliding doors will make the user and the audience feel pleasant in the decoration of the space.

Use appropriate colors in interior decoration

Use neutral colors in small living rooms!

In living rooms with small dimensions, choosing neutral colors and combining colors with warm and soft tones such as beige and cream will enlarge and integrate the environment. Because bright colors will reflect more light.

Also, you can use decorative elements such as wall coverings or special accessories to give more spirit to the space, or by using an indicator color next to neutral colors to make the space come out of monotony, but its important point You should use complementary colors or colors specific to modern style such as beige, court blue and Persian green. This issue can have a great impact on interior decoration.

Furniture arrangement in interior decoration

Use a modern design furniture set!

Modern design furniture is available in different types in the market, which you can use according to your desired taste.

In the modern style, the arrangement of furniture should be comfortable, practical and without patterns and decorations, and the arrangement of furniture should be done in such a way that it is practical and all people can use it and be able to talk easily.

The use of plants in interior decoration

Do not neglect the use of natural materials!

The use of natural materials such as wood gives warmth and a sense of nature to the space and is one of the sustainable materials.

Natural materials can be used in the furniture, TV wall in the living room, wall coverings or elements of the space in dimensions appropriate to the space and will create a modern decoration in the living room.

Using accessories in interior decoration

Do not neglect the use of decorative elements!

Functional decorative elements such as mirrors and consoles can help to beautify the space in addition to being practical. It is enough to choose a modern style mirror and console with a simple design.

Make the most of the spaces!

To maximize the use of space, you can use built-in storage spaces and easily organize the appliances used in the living space; For example, consider a place to install the TV box and related accessories on the TV wall or TV table.

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